Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) of Australia and GTI of the United States are partnering to build power plants that run on supercritical carbon dioxide. These plants will encourage mining companies to achieve their renewable energy objectives and supply energy to consumers. GTI is an American company that utilizes technology and artificial intelligence to provide energy and ecological solutions.

The two companies addressed the public through a media communication explaining that the power plants will be utilizing carbon dioxide at high temperatures and regulated pressure to produce electricity instead of the conventional steam used by hydropower companies. Additionally, the two companies explained that they would be taking in a mix of renewable energy to ensure they have various heat sources on which the plants can run.

The chief of research in energy technologies at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), David Harris, submitted that supercritical carbon dioxide has high energy efficiency making the power plant smaller than plants generating energy from the steam. The development of these power plants in Australia could reshape the country’s energy industry by introducing another energy source to the market. The country could now have an alternative energy source that would accelerate the transition to clean energy by wiping out the fossil fuel electricity plants.

Harris enumerated that supercritical carbon dioxide has the advantage of providing an efficient electricity generation pathway that brings competition to the steam-operated power plants. This move would force the companies and plant engineers to do more research and development on suitable techniques to provide affordable clean energy. Since the system is independent of steam, the turbines are suitable for recovering power through mining operations and other operations that require pronounced energy appliances. The advantage is that the system supports the generation of renewable energy for a long time at low costs.

Harris revealed that the purpose of CSIRO in these projects is to gain the know-how of operating the plants to generate renewable energy with low to zero emissions in the remote areas and minimize their dependence on fossil fuels. To sum up, the project will be investigating how solar thermal systems can generate renewable energy to run the supercritical carbon dioxide power plants. It will be exciting to understand how these two companies can utilize renewable energy to generate enough renewable energy that exceeds that supplied by supporting companies.

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