Easthampton has developed four new electric vehicle charging units that can host about eight cars. These units are lodged close to Ferry Street roundabout and City Hall. The latest pair of charging units developed are on the other side of Lovefield Street, close to Pleasant and Ferry Street. However, the charging ports will be unavailable for use for the next four months because of the coronavirus pandemic, which is slumping the operations’ procession. Moreover, the ongoing road and sidewalk activities will be done in the same period. 

The remaining double of stations at City Hall started operations late last year and can host two cars recharging simultaneously. According to the City Planner, Jeff Bagg, the two stations are a project intended for making the town environmentally friendly. Bagg indicated that these engineered projects would ensure Easthampton is more suitable for green energy. The financing for the development of the charging stations will take up the $12800 from the Electric Vehicle Incentive Program with more support from the Department of Environmental Protection, the Eversource program, and the Green Communities Program, which will also entail the development of underground cable connections. The charging stations will be charging $2 hourly for repowering one electric vehicle that Bagg thinks will settle the electricity expenses for running the chargers. The Lovefield Street charging stations will project their prices once they initiate operations. 

Bagg congratulated Mayor Nicole LaChapelle for spearheading the projects in the town. LaChapelle wrote a letter addressing the charging stations’ requirements and indicated the value of the stations in helping the city realize the green energy regulations. She added that these programs accelerate the residents’ uptake of electric vehicles, which the state was preparing to witness. The Lovefield Street charging stations mark the implementation of the Easthampton development program initiated eighteen years ago. Bagg explained that the recreation of Ferry Street is among the final pillars in the development plan. Bagg stated that the project was proceeding effectively and will be entering the third year. The next point that the plan outlines will be vital for the greening of Easthampton is the linkage of Parsons Street and Ferry Street to creating charging infrastructure to serve the intersection. All these projects will work for the good of the town and also meet the regulations stipulated by the teams dealing with climate change and global warming. The ideal solution for such problems is integrating clean energy with electric vehicles and their subsidiaries to reach the targets set. 


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